2018 OUTRace Slam

The OUTRace Slam challenges seasoned ultra runners to compete in all the series races that are 100K and longer.  Each race in the Slam is in itself a certified challenge.  To complete all the Slam races is beyond the ordinary and will require disciplined training, mental fortitude and a sprinkling of luck.  Only the few will grasp success and the OUTRace Slam award!

OUTRace Slam Rules

  1. You must declare your intent to compete in the OUTRace Slam before the start of the Niagara Ultra race.

  2. The form and fee of $50 must be mailed to Pierre Marcoux.  Your envelope must be postmarked the day before the Niagara Ultra race.

  3. Cheques must be payable to “Ontario Ultra Series”.

  4. The fee is non-refundable.

  5. Successful Slammers will be recognized at the OUTRace awards banquet.

  6. It is your responsibility to sign up for the races participating in the OUTRace Slam.

  7. To successfully complete the Slam, runners must complete, as per the rules of the respective races, the following races:
    - Niagara Ultra: 100K (during even numbered years)
    - Ottawa: 100K or longer
    - Haliburton: 100 miles

OUTRace Slam Details

  • All races are part of the OUTRace series.

  • Slammers simply run the participating races. The OUTRace statistician will track Slam progress.

  • An award worthy of the Slam (example: Large ceramic bowl imprinted with “OUTRace Slam”) will be awarded to all successful Slammers at the OUTRace awards.

  • If a successful Slammer cannot attend the OUTRace awards, arrangements will be made for pick-up or delivery of the award.

  • Successful Slammers will be considered at the same level as a Running God.