The Ontario Ultra and Trail races (OUTRace) is comprised of the Ontario Trail Series (OTS) and the Ontario Ultra Series (OUS), which evolved to provide Ontario runners with a venue for competing in a series of races. The trail series races are less than the marathon distance (typically 25K) and the ultra series races are longer than a marathon (50K up to 100 miles). Runners who compete in an OTS or OUS race are automatically entered into the series.

Next Race: Sulphur Springs - May 27

All race events will take place on a 20K loop consisting of approximately 97% trails and 3% roads within the conservation area. The 10K event will use only the western portion of the loop.

2017 OUTRace Slam

The OUTRace Slam challenges seasoned ultra runners to compete in all the series races that are 100K and longer. Each race in the Slam is in itself a certified challenge. To complete all the Slam races is beyond the ordinary and will require disciplined training, mental fortitude and a sprinkling of luck. Only the few will grasp success and the OUTRace Slam award!

2017 Race Results

The Seaton Soaker

Pick Your Poison Trail Run

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OUTRACE 2016: A Year in Review

OUTRace 2016: a year in review