The Fat Ass Trail Run

The Fat Ass as we lovingly call it began 19 years ago with 23 participants who didn't quite know what they had gotten themselves into and who fell in love with running the trails of the Batawa area. Over the years the Fat Ass has grown to be one of the biggest trail races in Ontario, and despite the size of it, we maintain the inclusive atmosphere so everyone feels welcome; fast, slow, young, old, runners and walkers. We have also recently added a 50k and are thrilled to be part of the Outrace Ultra & Trail Race Series!

Important Notice for 2022:
Over the past few years we have been trying to reduce waste at the race by requesting runners to bring their own cups or bottles to be re-filled at the aid stations. After taking over the event in 2018 and realizing how much waste is generated from disposable cups, we knew we had to do something. This year we are adding a few extra dollars on to the registration fee and pre-ordering silicon re-usable cups that we will make available to anyone who requires one.

ou may encounter grass, mud, rocks, tree roots, old rail bed, water, snow and or ice.

YES. All distances except the 10k and 50K will run up and down the Bata Ski Hill, sometimes numerous times. If you choose the 10k or 50K to avoid the hills...don't, we found some there too!

We use signs and surveyors flags to mark. There are NO mile markers so if you need to know how far you have gone wear a Garmin. If you get lost easily keep your head up, your eyes open and your ear buds out.

Aid Stations:
There are 3 aid stations on the course. You'll never go more than 4km without passing an aid station.

For those doing longer races, leaving a drop bag is fine

If it's not mentioned here don't expect it, if you want it bring it, if we surprise you with something not mentioned...great!

Race Location: