The Fat Ass Trail Run

Welcome to the 13th Anniversary of the Fat Ass Trail Run! The Fat Ass as we lovingly call it started 13 years ago with 23 participants who didn't quite know what they had gotten themselves into and who fell in love with running the trails of the Batawa area. In 2013 the race had grown to over 700 participants. Everyone is welcome; fast, slow, young, old, runners and walkers.  While every race has competitive runners throughout who either race against each other, themselves or the clock; the Fat Ass is meant to be a fun race. We award the fastest male and female at each distance but the rest of the awards are for fun and our most coveted award goes to the runner who guesses closest to their finishing time; in 2013 the best guess was dead on. 

OUTRace Series Events:

Trail Series race: 25k

50K Cup series: 50k

Race Location: 
Race Day: 
Sunday, November 11, 2018